Certificate of Insurance Tracking is critical to every building/unit.

You value and protect your real estate properties and holdings. Is each tenant properly insured for their protection and yours? What about every contractor who sets foot on your properties? Is each maintaining proper insurance and certifications?

Whether initial or renewal, to source and maintain is a major task that could be a full time job of more than one employee or simply pull valued time of an executive from more valuable work.

Proper Certificate of Insurance Tracking is critical to maintain your investment, minimize risk of uninsured, tenants, as well as insurance compliance of vendors and suppliers entering your properties.

CertFiler shifts the responsibility of coverage and COI accuracy to each tenant, lessee, vendor and supplier, while identifying errors or missing information BEFORE it becomes a costly issue that jeopardizes the profit of your investments. Our automation allows your executives and risk managers to focus their valuable time elsewhere

Certificate of Insurance Tracking from CertFiler will help simplify this process.
  • Ensure insurance certificates are current, accurate and meet all job site requirements with no deficiencies.
  • Generate insurance follow-up letters automatically.
  • Customize letter template and insurance requirements.
  • Allow insurance exceptions for policies, limits and terms.
  • Attach unlimited documents for historical records.
  • Import / Export data using Excel (OCR scan to Excel file available)

And we provide CRIS-certified account managers when required.

Certificate of Insurance Tracking and Vendor Management has never been simpler.

Need more information?

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