Certificate of Insurance Tracking is critical to every retail location.

Each job site holds the potential for accident and injury. If you’re not getting proper compliance from every worker, subcontractor, and provider – you’re exposed to deep risk and are jeopardizing the project.

For their protection and yours – Vendor Management is critical. Certfiler automates the process of COI management. Each certificate is reviewed for accuracy and completeness. Review, highlight deficiencies, reduce rejections, and ensure proper compliance from the start. Track key contract dates plus unlimited action item dates.

  • Ensure insurance certificates are current, accurate and meet all job site requirements with no deficiencies.
  • Generate insurance follow-up letters automatically.
  • Customize letter template and insurance requirements.
  • Allow insurance exceptions for policies, limits and terms.
  • Attach unlimited documents for historical records.
  • Import / Export data using Excel (OCR scan to Excel file available)

And we provide CRIS-certified account managers when required.

Certificate of Insurance Tracking and Vendor Management has never been simpler.

Need more information?

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